Who are the Austen Brothers?

Austen Brothers is a shirt maker of arguably, the most sought after shirt styles in the world: the famous English, Jermyn Street shirt. We are one of the modern-day custodians of this old shirt making heritage.

The Jermyn Street Heritage & the Original Jermyn Street shirt

The Jermyn Street shirt, named after the street in Mayfair, London where old English tailor-artisans based their shirt making operations more a century-and-a-half ago, has been part of the essential dress of royalty, statesmen and the professional classes.

Today, the Jermyn Street shirt is arguably considered the most pedigree of shirt styles, worn by professional people around the world as their shirt of choice and reflected in demand from global business nodes in Europe, the United States, parts of Asia and of course, Australia.

Considered an iconic shirt cut, steeped in tradition and story, the shirt is a signature of style, imparting to the wearer, a special feeling that only fine objects tend to do.

Austen Brothers shirt versus department store shirt

The Austen Brothers operation, in its elimination of middlemen and agents, provides a frictionless flow of product, directly from the manufacturing operation to the customer. Under this special arrangement, Austen Brothers has altered the conventional price-quality relationships of shirt making and supply which polarises the shirt market into the expensive, luxury end where shirts are expected to be made of high grade fabrics and costed at $200 plus and department store pricing where customers feel comfortable at a shirt cost around $100, but without an expectation of high quality. Austen Brothers delivers products of extremely high quality but at department store price points. The barriers between the luxury and the middle market have been broken down.