Women's Blue & Red Stripe

All of our shirts are made from the highest grade of Egyptian cotton with an 'easy iron finish'. This gives a more luxurious feel, easier ironing & wrinkle resistant experience, which will actually become 'silkier' with use - unlike most shirts which lose their vibrancy and lustre after a few washes.

Our  Women's Shirts are generally available in two or three styles.

SLIM FIT  (Click on 1st Mannequin)

The Slim Fit  is the closest fitting shirt in our women's range with a longer length and shaped, princess-line seaming for a slim body fit. It has a long soft collar and double cuffs for cufflinks.

TAILORED FIT (Click on 2nd Mannequin) 

The Tailored Fit is a more relaxed style of shirt then our Slim Fit, our Tailored Fit is semi-fitted and shorter in the body. It is idea for those who like to wear their shirts untucked, and like the Slim Fit, it comes with a double cuff sleeve.